Health economic models are crucial tools to help better inform healthcare decision-making and support adoption of evidence and value-based innovation.

The team’s unique approach lies in building health economic models using a scientific process whilst ensuring these can be applied to real-world settings.

The latter models are built to assess the impact of a healthcare solution or new care model on the system and can range from cost-benefit analyses, budget impact models, decision-tree analyses, cost-utility analyses to social cost-benefit analyses among others.

The team uses a combination of the latest integrated and public datasets and other research reports, and also supports clients to collect relevant datasets using best practice. Furthermore, scenario and sensitivity analyses are performed using Monte-Carlo simulation to interpret results in a multivariate approach and find a wider range of solutions for the clients. Finally, the team ensures models are user-friendly, flexible, intuitive and scientifically robust through review by an independent expert panel.


Mouth Care Matters (MCM) is a training initiative aimed at improving the oral health of hospitalised patients. Poor oral health can lead to deterioration in general health.

Hospitalisation changes an individual’s routine, causing stress and anxiety due to discomfort, resulting in a lack of motivation to carry out routine oral hygiene habits. In cases where a patient has cognitive or physical limitations, maintaining healthy oral habits often become of greater difficulty, exacerbating oral hygiene.

KSS AHSN was commissioned to evaluate the impact of the pilot and the project spread across Kent Surrey Sussex but also to indicate the financial outcomes of a national roll-out.

Our evaluation showed that across Kent, Surrey and Sussex, the Mouth Care Matters programme was estimated to deliver tangible value in the order of £2.66 of benefit within the health care system for every £1 invested in the project.

A further £17 is identified in social benefits for every £1 invested.

The positive financial impact indicated by the national spread scenario was instrumental in securing additional funding from Health Education England to support a national roll-out.

The MCM team has now trained over 100 Trusts across the UK and also developed child-centred training and resources to target paediatric oral-health needs.

Our analysis provided evidence to enable further commissioning to support the scaling-up of MCM from KSS to nation-wide.