With a breadth of expertise across areas including analytics, health economics, consulting, research, governance, entrepreneurial and policy, we are able to support governmental bodies and industry with business intelligence and other ad-hoc advisory services.

These projects range from rapid reviews of soft regulation guidance; support in drafting state-of-the nation reports; design of surveys; presentations and workshops supporting governmental bodies with latest initiatives and publications; conducting and supporting case study development; developing innovative conceptual process and governance frameworks for new care models or structures.



The Code-of-Conduct for data-driven health and care solutions sets out 10 principles to guide the development of trusted, safe and effective digital health innovations and intelligent algorithms within the UK health and care sector. A first draft was published in September 2018.

The draft Code pointed to several options for its implementation, and highlighted considerations around a range of adoption and assurance measures.

NHS England and the Department of Health and Social Care commissioned KSS AHSN, along with other partner contractors, for a rapid review to address the question of whether an assurance scheme such as a ‘KitemarkTM’ would be needed to demonstrate supplier compliance with the Code.

The rapid review was timed to report before the finalisation of version 1.0 of the Code, so that recommendations and a high-level blueprint for implementation could be shared at the point of its renewed publication in February 2019.

KSS insights produced recommendations including a suggested roadmap for implementation, select stakeholders and tools for targeting. KSS Insights supported specifically around research of various other kitemarks, report drafting, landscape mapping and roadmaps’ visualisations.